Why Join Us


“Our aim – to be recognized as a great place to work for along with maintaining our status as one of the leading independent professional services firms.”

Are you looking for challenging opportunities in a highly conducive work environment where team performance is correlated with rewards?

You are at the right Place!

At J P Chawla, we hire, train and retain quality individuals whose philosophy and values, are in sync with our philosophy and values which is Innovation, Integrity, Equality, Ethics thus opening doors of opportunity to the following:

Where the team members are able to access and enjoy same rewards, resources and opportunity irrespective of gender. We believe that by achieving greater gender parity will not only strengthen our organization’s growth and performance but also as it is the “right thing to do”.
As you are the backbone of our business so by providing an opportunity for professional development thereby investing in you to help you stay relevant and up to date in knowledge and skills we are ultimately strengthening the backbone of our business.
By instituting policies, procedures, actions, and expectations that enable you to pursue a more balanced life.

Our Employment Value Pillars


We continuously envisage towards providing you brand value of the firm, enabling you to be proudly and successfully associated with us.


We believe a robust relationship is based on trust, so we trust our team members immensely enabling a journey based on mutual success.


We are empathic to our team members at every level of engagement, enabling us to show respect and care for our co-workers.


We believe in appreciating our team members by our robust reward and recognition methodology.


We believe in an effective delegation of right work to the right team member.

As a people centric organization, coaching and mentoring forms an integral part of our work culture.

Our aim has always been to help our people attain their highest potential at work. This we achieve with our right blend of – People, Resources and Commitment.

We believe in gender equality and take pride in having a strong women’s participation in our firm. Our commitment to our people is a core part of the way we do business.

“Our key assets apart from our clients are our people who serve them.”