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Steps you should take before you start your business in India

In case you have decided to exponentially grow your business and have zeroed down India as your business destination then following due diligences are necessary achieve your desired business goals:

As a part of your business plan for India you need an in-depth and data supported market analysis for your goods or services or both. You need to identify the industry and its growth trend, understand local consumer behavior for your product, identify your niche which gives you market growth in India.                                                                                                                                                                                 

Once you have done market due diligence, as a business strategy, you also need to identify your supply chain and prospective customers.  You need to decide whether you would enter into India alone or will like to do a joint venture or will like to undertake acquisition route.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Once you have strategized it is important to decide your legal entry vehicle, you need to decide whether you need to incorporate in India or enter as a foreign company. The decision can be based on business strategy, incase you are in India to do business for longer period then it is always better to incorporate your Indian entity.                                                                                                     

As India is a vast and diverse country you need to decide in which state you will establish your workplace and in which state you will establish your corporate office, considering your supply chain and other relevant factors. After finalizing the location, you need finalize infrastructure required to setup your workshop/factory and/ or office.


Once you have made entity and infra decision you need to decide what kind of human resources are required, do you have local talent in India, or you will require expatriates or mixture of both. You need to conduct external interviews and finalize respective candidates, their salaries and enter into legal employment contracts with them.


Not everything can be in-sourced, so you need to suitably identify required vendors such as accounts and tax outsourcing, auditors, IT, operational, marketing and other necessary vendors. At this stage you are required to negotiate commercial terms and enter into legal contracts with them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Before you start your actual business, it is necessary to carry out legal and regulatory due diligence in order to identify applicable regulations and their compliance matrix for your business, so that you are aware and can mitigate risk of non-compliance. This will help you to identify various registration requirement under various regulations.


You also need to identify financing needs for your Indian business before it is independently monetized through its business in India. You need to suitably prepare a budget and decide your financing plan in terms of equity investment or external commercial borrowing or transfer pricing strategy or raising debt or equity from Indian market.


Our Services for Doing Business in India

Local experts at our firm provide services in an innovative manner to enable efficient and intelligent delivery for entities of non-resident investors helping them to carry out their business smoothly in India, our bouquet of services include:

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence services will help you to understand the market conditions enabling you to take well informed decision w.r.t to appropriate business plan for your proposed Indian entity.

Our business intelligence services for doing business in India include:

Our services include carrying out market assessment and research in terms of industry & trade potential, access to customers & vendors, competition, pricing, transaction taxes and pricing.

Our market entry services concentrates on advising you the most efficient entry vehicle for your unique business plan. Our market entry services also include advising clients with tax efficient entry structures.

Launching & expanding a business outside the home country becomes tedious, so our team of business plan analysts/strategy analysts and business consultants helps to create, comprehensive business plans depending on the nature of the business.

We can advise you in evaluating and selecting vendors, vendor due diligence, finalizing vendor operating model, help you in drafting contracts and service level agreements.

We can help you in evaluating and selecting your bankers, referring you bankers as per your need, helping you in documentation and liaison with bankers enabling hassle free opening of your entities bank account.

We can advise you on shortlisting the location of your office or factory or workshop, this will enable you to choose the right infrastructure within minimum turnaround time, across the states & union territories in India.

For any entity which is vying to setup its business in India, right person with right credentials and cultural background is necessary and important to ensure setting up of its business and its sustainability in India. We carry out executive searches and hiring for various positions as per your requirement.

Our Technology advisory services involve process automation and identification of right technology for your entity. Our technology advisory includes; Identification of right ERP for your organization, Process Automation, cloud technology identification and implementation, Information technology policies and system advisory.

Our Cyber security advisory services help in addressing evolving challenges in cyber security. Our services in this domain include Access management, Vulnerability identification and management, Digital Forensics, Compliance and Governance and Policy identification and formulation. We also provide privacy advisory services to ensure compliance with local and international laws. We advise on right, process, measures and technology for risk mitigation leading to robust protection of personal data leading to compliance with privacy laws. We also help in preparing privacy policies for your organisation.

Once you have incorporated your Indian entity, we help you prepare budgets for your initial financing of the Indian entity till it is independently monetized in India. We also advise you on best financing strategy which included equity, debt, External commercial borrowings, transfer pricing etc.


To understand the tax environment is of key importance for any entity planning to enter India, as tax laws are quite complex and proper analysis and compliance strategy can go a long way in mitigation of tax risk

Our Tax services for doing business in India include:

We provide advisory services for corporate tax planning relating to Income tax. We also provide services such as Preparation and filing of Income tax returns.

We provide Advisory & Compliance services for corporate indirect tax related to Goods and Service Tax, Custom Act, Value Added tax (VAT) and Excise Act. Our Services also include advising on indirect taxes in relation to cross border transactions.

Our services in the area of international taxes include Advisory services for Corporate structuring and planning, issues related to Tax treaty (DTAA) interpretation such as income characterization and Permanent Establishment (PE) exposures, outbound and inbound investments, online application for obtaining lower withholding tax certificate, compliance and tax planning services related to foreign remittances.

We provide tax determination and tax compliance services for foreign nationals/Non residents visiting India and rendering services and earning their income in the form of salary.

Our Transfer pricing services include Life cycle support for transfer pricing process, starting from transfer pricing study including preparation of transfer pricing extensive documentation in respect of international transactions and specified domestic transaction, issuance of Accountant report/Transfer pricing certification i.e. Form 3CEB, assistance in preparation and filing of Master file and Country by country report(CbCR).

Our tax services include assistance in preparing and filing e-tax returns and documentation for Individual and Corporate Taxes. These services also include tax documentation and return filing in the areas of Indirect tax, Goods and Service Tax, Income-tax, Value added tax, Customs, Excise and Withholding taxes (TDS).

Tax representation services in case of direct tax & Indirect tax involving assistance in online assessments before Assessing officers and filing of appeals before Commissioner Appeals, Dispute resolution panel (DRP) and appellate tribunals in respect of tax cases.

Tax structuring services helps you to legitimately structure taxes by taking into account applicable tax incentives, entity options, existing litigative issues, foreign tax issues and anti-avoidance measures such as General Anti Avoidance Rule (GAAR).

Audit, Risk and Assurance

To have a robust internal control and continuous monitoring of such controls is of a paramount importance of any overseas investor of Indian entity.

Our Audit, Risk and assurance services for doing business in India include:

Statutory Audit

Statutory Audit

We provide audit services under statutory acts and regulations which are applicable in the Indian regulatory environment. Our audit approach helps an organisation exercise their fiscal and compliance obligations prudently.

Goods and Service tax Audit

Goods and Service Tax Audit

If the supply from the business of the company or an entity in a particular year, is more than the prescribed limit then the private limited company or the entity is also required to undergo Goods & Services Tax Audit under CGST Act, accordingly we provide such independent GST audit and assurance services.

Information System Audit

Information System Audit

Information System Audit service’s is based on CobiT methodology, involving the evaluation of an organization’s information systems involving assessment of critical information systems, technology architecture, IT internal controls and IT processes & policies.

Income tax Audit

Income Tax Audit

If the revenue from business of the company or an entity in a particular year, is more than the prescribed threshold then a private limited company or the entity is required to undergo Tax Audit under Income Tax 1961, accordingly we provide such independent tax audit services.

Fraud Investigation

Fraud Investigation

This fact finding investigation service includes determination of the amount and the circumstances of a loss, analyses of evidence and identification of possible perpetrators of Fraud.

Internal control on Financial reporting

Internal Control on Financial Reporting

We provide such ICFR services that help in identifying risks which are associated with financial reporting and analysis of controls that are present to mitigate such risks.

Internal Audit

Internal Audit

Our internal audit services focus on identifying and then auditing the strategic risks that can truly impact shareholder or stakeholder value.

IFRS conversions

IFRS Conversions

We provide IFRS Advisory services to meet the global reporting requirement of any global entity. We provide IFRS impact assessment and convergence services.


Accounting and Payroll are required to ensure the objective of meeting compliance requirement, enabling management to meet its payment obligations and understand the performance of the local Indian entity.

Our Outsourcing services for doing business in India include:

Increase your efficiency by outsourcing accounting services to us & let us manage your accounts in the most expert and competent manner possible to enable you to comply with requisite requirements in the robust environment of regulations and Accounting standards. We manage such services with the help of numerous cloud-based software.

To efficiently manage the entire payroll work, payroll processing services are needed , our services include payroll calculation, withholding taxes, social taxes , Payroll accounting.

We design and deliver tailored dashboards and management reporting packs to meet your requirements and those of your stakeholders. Combining financial and non-financial data, we put back in control of reporting and provide the analysis you need to make quick decisions.

We provide a shared CFO, which is backed by our team of advisor’s, associates/ experts in our network, management and Change specialists; providing you a complete financial leadership solution.

Regulatory Services

To be compliant and legally protected is of paramount importance for any entity. To choose a right entity in a complex Indian regulatory environment is a first important step of any foreign investor or business entering India.

Our Regulatory services for doing business in India include:


We help you analyses the suitable entity for your business model and advice on selection of the appropriate entity option for doing business in India

Incorporation Services

 We provide assistance in setting up /incorporation of Companies (Public or Private), One Person Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs), Societies, Partnership Firms, Project offices, Liaison offices, Branch offices and Trusts.


We help you to analyses applicable laws and regulations on your business and assist you in various applicable registrations under such regulations.


Human resource law compliance is of utmost importance, we help you to identify the applicable regulations, advice on their compliance methodology and help you comply such laws.

Visa selection

Visa is required by any Non-resident to enter into the country and start a business in India, We can advice you or your employees to analyze applicable visa regulations enabling you to obtain the same.


Whenever anyone starts business in India it is advisable to register your trademark and other intellectual property, we assist you in obtaining such registrations


We help you to formulate and negotiate legal contracts whether such contracts relate to employment, vendor, customer or shareholders or investors.

FDIFEMA & RBI advisory

Before you start your business in India it is necessary to examine FDI regulations to understand terms and conditions of FDI in your proposed entity, we provide such FEMA / FDI and RBI advisory services.


SEZ offers numerous both tax and non-tax advantages. We provide complete lifecycle support to our clients in form of regulatory, compliance, litigation and representation services for enabling an entity to enjoy benefits under SEZ.


Our services in this area includes consulting and legal advisory in respect to provisions of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) and other alternative exit processes as per other regulations , preparing documentation for resolution or exit and representing you with authorities in such process.

Transaction Advisory Services

After an entity has entered in India, it may enter into various transactions for which it may require extensive assistance to make the transaction successful and compliant with local regulations

Our Transaction Advisory Services for doing business in India include:

Merger & Acquisitions

Merger and Acquisitions

We provide end to end M & A services where we analyze your requirement , have brainstorming ideation sessions with you, value your or target company, identify sellers/buyers , assist in documentation, assist in due diligence and help in negotiations.


Financial Due Diligence Services

Our Financial due diligence process can be your integrated, one-stop solution to help you examine the fine print and uncover all of the detailed answers to the complex questions you have about your merger or acquisition.                                                                

Legal Due Diligence Services

Legal Due Diligence Services

We provide legal due diligence services for all economic and fiscal laws such as companies act, tax laws, employment and labor laws, industrial and factory regulations, technology related laws and agreement specific conditions and other applicable laws to an entity under transaction.

Business Valuation

Business Valuation

Valuation is the knowledge of how much your business or a component of your business or a particular transaction of business is worth. Our valuation services range from business valuations to valuation of Intangibles.

Tax Due Diligence Services

Tax Due Diligence Services

We provide Income tax due diligence services and indirect tax (GST, VAT, Excise and Customs) due diligence services to support any M & A or any restructuring transaction.

Royalty Verification Services

Royalty Verification Services

In case you have licensed your technology or your brand or any copyright or any intangibles to any entity in India, we can provide royalty or licence fee verification services for verification of the same.

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