Healthcare & Medicine

The Indian healthcare sector is one of the largest sectors in the country in terms of employment and revenue generation. This $65 billion dollar (Rs. 4.6 trillion) industry, is extremely promising and is continuously growing at a 15% rate. The industry is expected to grow and become a $250 billion (Rs. 17.7 trillion) industry by the year 2020. The Indian healthcare and medicine sector has elements of both developed as well as developing countries. It has undergone a drastic change from being a loose-knit and social sector that was solely supported by GOI to an industry which is evaluated at $65 billion (Rs. 4.6 trillion). The industry is made up of hospitals (Government as well as Private), clinical trials, telemedicine, medical devices, medical tourism, medical equipment, medicines, and health insurance. The Healthcare sector is the fourth largest employer that shows promising growth.

Market Overview

The Indian Healthcare and Medicine industry is looking forward to becoming a $372 billion (Rs. 26.4 trillion) industry by the year 2022. Whereas the market of medical devices is anticipated to cross $11 billion (Rs. 0.7 trillion) by the year 2022. This strong demand is the result of growth in incomes, increased awareness, lifestyle problems, and quicker than ever access to insurance.

It has been forecasted that by the year 2030, India will need approximately 2.07 million more doctors so as to maintain a 1:1,000 doctor-to-population ratio.

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