Budget Statements

Budget Statements
Budget Analysis 2022 - 23

Budget Analysis 2022

The Budget 2022-23 comes at the time when the world is transforming both economically and culturally, with Pandemic bringing lasting changes in every aspect of human life. The Indian real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is projected to grow at 9.2% in Financial Year (FY) 2022 as compared to contracting by 7.3% in FY21 and GDP growth for FY23 is projected at 8-8.5%. We believe our budget analysis of 2022-23 available for download below, will help you to understand the fine print of certain changes brought in by this budget in the areas of economic outlook, direct tax, indirect tax and regulatory changes

Budget Analysis 2021

The Budget 2021-22 has come at a time where global and Indian businesses are recovering from economic and psychological shock of Covid-19 pandemic. The stimulus measures initiated by this budget are expected to support industrial activity and increase demand and lead to post pandemic recovery. The Budget has also allocated Rs 35,000 crore for the COVID-19 vaccination program, which will further add momentum to the economic recovery.

Budget Analysis 2020

The growth of the economy appears to have bottomed out and is expected to pick up in 2020-21. The prospects for Indian economy for the year 2020-21 need to be assessed in the light of emerging global and domestic challenges and opportunities. The economic survey for 2020-21 predicts GDP growth to be in between 6 to 6.5%. The 2019-20 GDP growth has been at minuscule 5%.

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Budget Analysis 2019

The final Budget 2019-20 is targeted towards Indian vision of Five trillion economy, with inclusive growth of every citizen of country. The focus has again been on make in India, ease of doing business, plans for more Foreign direct investments and spending on agrarian society, defense and social schemes. The tax rates for very high earning groups have been increased, while retaining stability for other groups.

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Interim Budget Analysis 2019

The Interim Budget 2019 has been a budget for middle class and agrarian society with varied proposals being related to growth in agriculture sector, un-organized sector and the working class sector, few tax incentives for individuals.The current government is focusing towards Election 2019 which can seriously change the current equation in politics resulting into change in economic focus of India.

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Budget Analysis 2018

The Budget 2018 has been a budget of social change with varied proposals being related to growth in agriculture sector, rural sectors and health sector with some tax incentives for individuals and corporate.
The government after disruptive changes of Demonetization and Goods and service tax has kept this budget as a balancing act and has tried to cater to common citizens in a very subtle manner.

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Budget Analysis 2017

Positive change is happening in India which will lead to TEC India i.e. Transform, Energise and Clean India. In short the target has been set and is going to be achieved in the year to come!!
IMF has projected a GDP growth of 7.2% and 7.7% in 2017 and 2018 respectively. The World Bank, however, is more optimistic and has projected a GDP growth of 7% in 2016-17, 7.6% in 2017-18 and 7.8% in 2018-19.

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Budget Analysis 2016

Changes Changes !!! We all know that only thing constant is change !! This has been so true for this transformational
budget presented by our Finance minister on the leap day of the leap year 2016.
Indian economy has achieved robust growth despite very unfavourable global conditions. India has been hailed as a ‘bright spot’ amidst a slowing global economy by IMF. Growth of Economy has accelerated to 7.6% in 2015-16. Foreign exchange reserves have touched highest ever level of about 350 billion US dollars.

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Budget Analysis 2015

In the Indian spring of 2015 the MODI’s Budget has zoomed in the background of renewed hope in the Indian economy. The budget 2015 has tried to strike a balance between the great expectations of Indian corporate and the great needs of common man. It is no way a populist budget but seems to be futuristic.

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Budget Analysis 2014

Real estate investment Trust – Real estate and infrastructure investment trust to have a pass through tax status. These trust to reduce pressure on banking system.