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Expatriates Taxation

Expatriates Taxation

The allure of global mobility comes with intricate tax challenges. Expatriates, individuals who live and work outside their native country, often find themselves navigating the murky waters of dual tax jurisdictions, we help such expatriates to streamline the complexities of expatriate taxation, ensuring compliance.

Expatriate Taxation for Global Employee Mobility

In the Indian context, expatriate taxation pertains to the taxation of individuals from foreign countries working in India or Indian nationals working abroad. We aid business entities to navigate the complexities of expatriate taxation. We offer guidance in structuring compensation packages for expatriates to minimize tax liabilities and ensure compliance with Indian tax laws. We also provide guidance on issues like Permanent Establishment (PE) risks and social security obligations. Our assistance ensures that businesses effectively manage tax implications.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

We’re eager to work with you on your journey to growth and business success.

Our Expatriate Tax Solutions

Our Expatriate Tax Solutions

Expatriate Taxation advisory & Tax Treaty Analysis

We assist foreign nationals working in India, covering tax determination, planning, refunds, tax treaty analysis and NRE account remittances.

Tax Return Preparation

This service includes preparation and filing of Annual Income tax returns within the designated deadlines.

Social Security Consultation

We help you to understand and optimize your contributions and claims across borders, we assist in advisory, calculations and compliances and analysis of social security agreement analysis.

Initial registrations

We enable registrations such as Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO) and its periodic renewals. PAN application prior to FRRO. We also assist in opening of Bank account in India for non-residents.

Income Tax Clearance Certificate

An assignee who is repatriating back to home country should obtain an ITCC i.e. No Objection Certificate from Income tax Authorities. We assist in obtaining such a certificate.

How We Serve Expatriate Tax Solutions

How We Serve Expatriate Tax Solutions

Global Perspective

Our team brings insights from a myriad of international jurisdictions, ensuring holistic guidance.

Clear Communication

Taxation can be dense; we prioritize clarity, ensuring you fully grasp your global tax scenario.

Strategic Planning

We look beyond simple advisory to craft strategies that optimize your global tax position.

Updated Insights

As global tax evolves, we ensure you're abreast of the latest changes and implications through our knowledge-based approach.

Discreet Handling

We respect the sensitivity of your information, upholding the highest standards of confidentiality.

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We specialize in providing efficient expatriate tax solutions to support global mobility and ensure seamless compliance for international workers.