TAx Structuring Services


Income Tax

We provide advisory services for corporate tax planning relating to Income tax. We also provide services such as Preparation and filing of Income tax returns considering Income Computation and Disclosure Standards (ICDS) analysis, assistance in computation and payment of Advance tax, Withholding tax (TDS) compliance and advisory on transactions. We also provide advisory in area of laws such as Benami transactions prohibition act, Prevention of money laundering act and Black Money (Undisclosed Foreign Income & Assets) and imposition of tax Act.

Income Taxes

Goods & Services Tax

We provide Advisory services for corporate indirect tax planning relating to Goods and Service tax, Service tax, Custom Act , Value Added tax (VAT) , Central Sales taxand Excise Act. Our Services also include advising on indirect taxes in relation to cross border transactions. We also perform impact assessments in the area of Goods and service tax and other indirect taxes.

Goods & Service Tax

International Taxes

Our services in the area of international taxes include Advisory services for Corporate structuring and planning, issues related to Tax treaty (DTAA) interpretation such as income characterization and Permanent Establishment (PE) exposures, outbound and inbound investments, online application for obtaining lower withholding tax certificate, compliance and tax planning services related to foreign remittances and issuance of Form 15CA/CB, Tax advisory in the area of Equalization levy & tax, Assistance in obtaining Tax residency certificate, Withholding tax compliance and advisory services on TDS on fees for professional/technical services received from Non-residents including treaty analysis (DTAA analysis), withholding tax (TDS) analysis of Royalty payments, Advisory in the area of Base erosion and Profit shifting(BEPS), MLI and General anti avoidance Rules(GAAR) analysis, planning of cross-border transactions and impact of taxes on setting up of business in India in form of wholly owned subsidiary, Branch office, project office or liaison office and advice on taxability of respective form of entity,and representation before the Authority for Advance Rulings (AAR) for obtaining Rulings on international tax matters.

International Taxation

Expatriates Taxation

We provide tax determination and tax compliance services for foreign nationals / Non residents visiting India and rendering services and earning their income in form of salary. Our expatriate taxation services also include tax structuring and planning, getting the refunds and assistance in payment of remittance from/to NRO/NRE accounts including analysis of Double taxation avoidance agreement.

Expatriates Taxation

Transfer Pricing

Our Transfer pricing services include Life cycle support for transfer pricing process, starting from transfer pricing study including preparation of transfer pricing extensive documentation in respect of international transactions and specified domestic transaction, issuance of Accountant report/Transfer pricing certification i.e. Form 3CEB, assistance in preparation and filing of Master file and Country by country report(CbCR) in accordance with OECD guidelines and related periodic and annual compliances. Our services also include preparation of Transfer pricing planning file which helps formulating the global and domestic transfer pricing policies.Representation before Transfer pricing officer(TPO), Commissioner of Income tax (Appeals),Dispute resolution Panel(DRP) and Income tax appellate tribunal(ITAT) in respect of Transfer pricing cases and appeals. We also provide transfer pricing advisory and structuring services keeping in mind the widely litigative issues in India such as Intangibles, Safe Harbour regulations along with filing of Safe harbor application, assistance in entering into Advance Pricing Agreements (APAs) and support in Mutual Agreement Procedures (MAP). We also assist in benchmarking of International transaction to arrive at arm’s length price using Transfer pricing database including Prowess, Capitaline Plus, Ace TP and other national and international databases.

Transfer Pricing (1)

Personal Taxes

Individuals require robust tax solutions for tax advisory & planning to ensure compliance and wealth preservation. Our experience with Personal taxes ranges from salaried individuals, self employed individuals and professionals. Our standard service level ensures personalized touch to Individual tax planning, compliance and structuring.

Our personal tax services include Tax Compliance and Advisory service for Individuals. It also includes Tax Planning in relation to Income tax structuring resulting in efficient   Income tax computation and assistance in getting the refunds.

Tax documentation & Return preparation

Robust tax documentation and accurate tax return preparation is the need of the hour in this compliance driven world. Robust tax documentation and tax returns also ensure that an entity has solid defense against any inquiry or tax scrutiny launched by the tax authorities

Our tax services include assistance in preparing and filing e-tax returns and documentation for Individual and Corporate Taxes. These services also include tax documentation and return filing in the areas of Indirect tax, Goods and Service Tax, Income-tax, Value added tax, Customs, Excise and Withholding taxes (TDS). We provide such services to all type entities which include; domestic companies, foreign companies, Limited liability partnerships, General Partnerships, Hindu undivided Families, Trusts, Societies and Individual such as salaried, self employed and professionals.

Tax documentation and Return preparation

Tax Representation & Litigation Support

Tax representation services in case of direct tax involving assistance in assessments before Assessing officers and filing of appeals before Commissioner of Income tax (Appeals), Dispute resolution panel (DRP) and Income tax appellate tribunal(ITAT) in respect of tax cases., We also provide client on exploring alternate dispute resolution mechanisms such as Mutual agreement procedure(MAP), Settlement Commission, investigation representation etc.

Our representation services in Indirect taxes include audit representation services, reply to show cause notices, representation before adjudication authorities , appellate authorities including Goods and Services Tax Appellate Tribunal (GSTAT), advance ruling authorities and representation in case of any investigation. We also provide litigation support for laws such as Benami transactions prohibition act, Prevention of money laundering act and Black Money (Undisclosed Foreign Income & Assets) and imposition of tax Act.

In case of tax disputes which reach the stage of High court and supreme court , we provide extensive litigation support to legal counsels of the litigating entity

Tax representation & Litigation support

Tax Structuring Services

Tax structuring services help you to legitimately structure taxes by taking into account applicable tax incentives, entity options, existing litigative issues, foreign tax issues and anti-avoidance measures such as General Anti Avoidance Rule (GAAR).

Tax structuring and advisory

Tax Technology services

As the world of technology is changing the way we do business accordingly the tax world of indirect tax, direct tax and transfer pricing is being automated to help the government to govern, decision makers to make efficient decisions and those in charge governance to be in control, our tax technology services helps an entity in identification of right automation technology for your tax automation , impact assessment of such technology, assistance in implementation of such technology and assistance in continuous monitoring for maintenance of such technology. We help you in finding right technology solution for Income tax,withholding tax, transfer pricing, GST, E-way Bills and tax compliances and litigation.

Tax Technology services