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Fineprint Vol.1 2022

With the rise of digital transactions, Indian government is focused on launching a digital rupee starting from 2022-23 to give a push to the economy.   

Google plans to continue investments in the digital revolution of India. Bharat Biotech is bringing out a revolutionary Covid vaccine that could be inhaled through nose.   

Maruti Suzuki on the course to become the highest exporter in FY22.  

Indian economy to grow at a rapid pace among the league of large nations. Good time to invest in India; says the finance minister.   

With regards to Direct Tax, Government issues clarification regarding the Most-Favoured nation clause in the Protocol to India’s DTAAs with certain countries. With regard to GST, every registered person whose aggregate turnover during any previous financial year (from 2017-18 onwards) exceeds INR 20 Crore shall require generating e-invoice.  

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