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Fineprint Vol.5 2022

India is poised to become a powerhouse in various sectors, with projections indicating remarkable growth. Forecasts suggest that India’s economy could soar to $30 trillion within the next three decades, driven by factors like the widespread adoption of UPI for transactions and the burgeoning AI industry. Sustainability efforts also bear fruit, with four Indian cities making it to the top 20 in the Asia Pacific region. Bangalore leads the charge, securing the 14th spot and a ‘Gold’ standard in sustainability. Moreover, India’s direct selling industry flourishes, ranking 12th globally with retail sales surpassing $3.25 billion USD. Despite global challenges, India’s economy remains resilient, expected to grow between 7% to 7.8% in FY23. Additionally, advancements in technology propel India forward, evidenced by its climb in global broadband rankings and substantial investments in AI. The nation continues to attract foreign investment, maintaining a top 10 position for FDI despite slight fluctuations. As India embraces innovation and sustainable development, its economic trajectory looks promising, with AI alone projected to add $450-500 billion to the GDP by 2025.

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