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Budget Analysis 2015 

The budget analysis for this index provides a comprehensive breakdown of the Indian economy’s fiscal landscape, focusing on key areas such as direct and indirect tax proposals, economic outlook, and social security initiatives. The foreword sets the tone for the analysis, highlighting the significance of the 2015 MODI Budget amid renewed optimism in the Indian economy. The economic outlook section delves into macroeconomic factors influencing fiscal policies. “Budget at Glance” offers a succinct overview of the budget’s major components. Direct tax proposals are explored in detail, covering corporate and personal tax reforms, anti-tax avoidance measures, and international tax policies. Similarly, indirect tax proposals, including Goods & Service Tax, Service Tax, and Central Excise & Customs, are examined. The analysis concludes with insights into social security proposals, reflecting the budget’s attempt to balance corporate interests with the welfare of the common citizen while projecting a forward-looking approach.

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