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GST Booklet 2017 GST

Year 2017 is the year of changes and keeping the year alive the biggest change in the business environment in the history of India known as ‘GST’ is being launched on 1st July 2017. The change through GST is futuristic and is going to drastically change the supply chain dynamics of various businesses in India; the changes though would be initially unsettling but would be mostly positive. 

GST has tried to organize the history of the disruptive mess created over the years by various archaic indirect tax laws. GST in the current form will try to organize and systematize highly diverse supply chain models prevailing in various States in India. 

We have brought this booklet with intent that by reading this you will able to understand the nuances of GST and would be able to appreciate various facets of the new law. We have purposely kept the booklet concise enabling busy CEO’s, CFO’s & Tax directors to quickly process the various changes, which GST will bring to their company’s business models. Annexure to the booklet gives you a ready reference on various formats of new invoices, various GST rates on goods and services and many exemptions available in GST. 


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