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Ind AS-27 Separate Financial Statements 

Ind AS 27 is crucial for entities preparing Separate Financial Statements as mandated by law. It delineates accounting and disclosure norms concerning investments in subsidiaries, joint ventures, and associates. Separate financial statements, distinct from consolidated ones, are presented by a parent or investor exerting control or influence over an investee. These statements follow applicable Ind AS, with investments accounted for either at cost or in line with Ind AS 109. Uniform accounting is applied across investment categories. Investments at cost are handled per Ind AS 105 when deemed for sale. Ind AS 109 measurement remains unchanged. Dividend recognition occurs upon established right. Disclosure mandates span various aspects, including the acknowledgment of separate financial statements, significant investments, and methods of accounting. Specific disclosures apply to investment entities and parents/investors with control or influence over investees. Transparency and compliance are emphasized throughout, ensuring clarity and consistency in financial reporting.

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