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Interim Budget 2024

India’s journey to ‘Viksit Bharat’ is marked by milestones! FY23 showcased our global leadership with a successful G20 Presidency and Chandrayaan-3’s lunar feat. Real GDP poised for 7.9% growth, a testament to post-Covid resilience. ‘Make in India’ and PLI schemes drive industrial growth, boosting self-reliance. Startup India flourishes with 1.14 lakh startups, creating 12 lakh jobs. Agricultural sector’s tenacity contributes to India’s recovery. Inflation moderates, FDI inflows hit USD 596.5 billion, reflecting global investor trust. Interim Budget focuses on Aspirational Districts, green energy, and more. Aviation sector soars with 149 airports and 517 new routes. Tax proposals echo efficiency and continuity. Due to vote on account Budget there has been no major tax changes. India strides confidently into a transformative fiscal future!

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