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FEMA & RBI Advisory Services

FEMA & RBI Advisory Services

The Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) is a crucial regulatory framework in India that governs foreign exchange transactions, facilitating external trade and payments while regulating capital flows. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) plays a central role in enforcing FEMA provisions. RBI monitors and regulates foreign exchange transactions, ensures compliance with FEMA guidelines, and manages India’s foreign exchange reserves.

It issues approvals, licenses, and permissions for various foreign exchange activities, such as investments, trade, and remittances. Additionally, RBI plays a key role in safeguarding India’s economic stability by managing its foreign exchange reserves to maintain an appropriate balance of payments and exchange rate stability.

FEMA and RBI Regulations

FEMA is India’s key legislation governing foreign exchange. Administered by RBI, it regulates cross-border transactions. We offer advisory services on FEMA and RBI compliances, aiding businesses and individuals in navigating complex regulations, securing approvals, and ensuring adherence to guidelines. This facilitates cross-border financial activities while meeting regulatory requirements.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

We’re eager to work with you on your journey to growth and business success.

Our FEMA & RBI Services

Our FEMA & RBI Services

FEMA Compliance

We assist clients to adhere to Foreign Exchange Management Act regulations for international transactions.

Approval Facilitation

We assist clients in documentation and representation for obtaining approvals from relevant authorities (if required) for various foreign exchange transactions.

FDI and ODI Support

We facilitate compliances for foreign investments in Indian entities and Indian investments abroad.

ECB Assistance

We help clients with procedures & compliances for borrowing funds from overseas sources under RBI’s ECB master circular.

Documentation and Application

We prepare necessary documents and applications for compliances under FEMA to be submitted to authorities like RBI through their authorized Dealer Banker.

Compounding Services

In cases of inadvertent FEMA regulation breaches, we aid in seeking compounding for resolution.

How We Deliver FEMA and RBI Advisory & Compliance

How We Deliver FEMA and RBI Advisory & Compliance


Leveraging our experience, our team possesses deep insights into FEMA and RBI directives and their implications.


From advisory to compliance, we provide appropriate support to regulatory needs. 


Our advisory focuses on compliance; we assist in insights to enable your transaction to be compliant the FEMA framework. We assess the risks associated with foreign exchange transactions, helping clients make informed decisions to mitigate potential financial and regulatory risks. 

Timely Updates

FEMA regulations evolve. We ensure you're promptly informed of changes, helping you to stay compliant.  

Bespoke Solutions

Recognizing that each business transaction is unique, we offer Fact based solutions ensuring you complete your transaction in complaint and timely manner.

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J P Chawla & Co. LLP facilitates compliance with FEMA regulations, assists in approvals, foreign investments compliances, borrowing compliances, and documentation, and offers compounding services.