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Startup Services

Startup Services

The Startup India Scheme is a flagship initiative by the Government of India aimed at fostering a thriving startup culture and creating an inclusive ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship. Startups, defined as entities incorporated within the last 10 years with an annual turnover under ₹100 crore, are encouraged to work on product or service development, with scalability and wealth and employment creation potential.

Startup Compliance & Tax Benefits

One key aspect of this scheme is self-certification of compliance with six labor laws and three environmental laws through an online process. Private Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships under Section 80IAC are eligible for tax exemptions. Additionally, listed companies with significant net worth or turnover can make tax-exempt investments in eligible startups. 

Start up Services BY JPC & Co. LLP
Ready to Take the Next Step?

We’re eager to work with you on your journey to growth and business success.

How We Help Start Up Services in India

How We Help Start Up Services in India

Entity Choice & Incorporation

Guidance on choosing the optimal legal structure, streamlined incorporation support, DPIIT startup registration, income tax benefit registration, and comprehensive registrations, including GST, PAN, TAN, PF, ESI, and Shop Act.

Funding & Valuation Advisory

Expert fundraising advice, investor connection, and pitch preparation. Ongoing support during due diligence. Valuation assistance crucial for attracting investors and informed decision-making.

HR Recruitment Advisory & Vendor Assistance

HR policy guidance, labor law navigation, and support from job postings to candidate selection in recruitment. Assistance in vendor selection and contract management.

Accounting, Tax & Non-Tax Compliance & Advisory

Comprehensive accounting and assistance in assurance services for financial transparency. Strict adherence to tax and regulatory compliances. Tax advisory, regulatory alignment, and dispute resolution representation.

Investor Relations Support & Contract Assistance 

Facilitating investor relations for long-term support. Legal contract assistance to protect startup interests. Assistance in shareholding and subscription agreements as per the requirement of startup and investor.

Promoter Exit Advisory

Providing guidance and assistance throughout the promoter exit process, ensuring a seamless transition while addressing legal, compliance and financial considerations.

How We Deliver Startup Services

How We Deliver Startup Services

Entity Setup

We provide comprehensive services covering entity choice, incorporation, tax benefits, registrations, funding, HR, and legal.

Regulatory Compliance

While advising and performing services we ensure strict adherence to tax and non-tax regulations for compliance purposes.

Financial Strategy

We provide comprehensive valuation, tax advisory, and investor relation assistance to optimize financial strategies of Start-up.

Legal Advisory

We assist in offering legal contract drafting and negotiation assistance to protect startup's interests and ensuring legal safeguards.

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