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Transaction Advisory

Transaction advisory services encompass a range of financial and operational evaluations vital for informed decision-making and regulatory compliance in corporate activities. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), providing insights and strategies for complex deals. Business Valuations offer precise assessments. Financial Due Diligence ensures transparency and risk identification. Tax Due Diligence identifies tax obligations and liabilities.  

Empower your transactions with our advisory services: Master M&A strategies, gain precise valuations, and ensure transparency and tax clarity for confident decision-making.

Necessity for Transaction advisory

Transaction advisory is important in growing India, encompassing services like Mergers and Acquisitions, Business Valuations, Financial Due Diligence, Tax Due Diligence, Legal Due Diligence, Royalty Verification, Fixed Assets Verification, Inventory Verification, and IND AS Advisory.  

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Merger and Acquisitions (M&A)

We assist in strategic mergers and acquisitions that align with your growth objectives and enhance shareholder value.

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Business Valuations

We assist in Accurate business valuation services that provide clarity and foster informed decision-making.

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Financial Due Diligence

In conducting financial due diligence, we meticulously scrutinize every facet of a business transaction to pinpoint risks, enabling you to make well-informed decisions with a comprehensive understanding of potential financial implications.

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Tax Due Diligence

In performing tax due diligence, we thoroughly examine all facets of a business transaction to uncover potential tax-related risks. Our goal is to ensure that you make informed decisions with comprehensive tax insights.

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Legal Due Diligence

Conducting legal due diligence, we delve into every facet of a business transaction to pinpoint potential legal risks. Our comprehensive examination ensures that you make well-informed decisions, mitigating legal uncertainties and liabilities.

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Royalty Verification

We assist in verification of revenue stream derived from intellectual property and compliance with licensing agreements.

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Fixed Assets Verification

We assist in accurate assessments to ensure optimal asset identification and management.

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Inventory Verification

In inventory verification, we facilitate precise assessments for optimal Inventory identification and management. Our dedicated efforts ensure accurate verification, allowing you to maintain control and make informed decisions about your inventory.

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IND AS Advisory & Implementation

We advise on convergence related to international accounting standards such as IND AS ensuring consistency and compliance.

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Complex Transactions are driven by adequate Knowledge of Taxes, regulations and GAAP