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Business Valuations

Business Valuations

Business valuation in India is a critical practice for assessing the financial health and worth of companies. It’s used for various purposes, including mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, financial reporting, regulatory purposes and litigation. Valuation methodologies include discounted cash flows, market comparables, and asset-based approaches.

In India’s dynamic business environment, sectors such as e-commerce (e.g., Flipkart’s acquisition by Walmart for $16 billion) and tech startups (e.g., Paytm’s IPO valuing it at over $20 billion) have seen soaring valuations. These trends emphasize the importance of accurate valuation in navigating India’s evolving corporate landscape, aiding investment decisions and strategic planning. 

Need for Business Valuation

Business valuation is the art of determining the true worth of assets, transactions, or your business. Our comprehensive services cover business and equity assessments, property valuations, intangible assets, and technology transfers. We provide valuations for taxation, customs, transfer pricing, insolvency, and M&A deals, aiding negotiations, joint ventures, and buy-sell transactions. Business Valuation supports financial decision-making and strategic planning, offering a clear understanding of value in any business scenario.

Business Valuation Service | JPC & Co.
Ready to Take the Next Step?

We’re eager to work with you on your journey to growth and business success.

Our Business Valuation Services

Our Business Valuation Services

Business, Equity, and Securities Valuation

We assist in determination of worth of businesses, stocks, or securities for informed investment decisions.

Valuation of Immovable & movable Property

Through the use of experts, we assist in assessment of the value of real estate assets, aiding property transactions and financial planning. We also assist evaluation of movable assets', crucial for asset management and compliance.

Valuation of Intangibles

We also assist in valuation of intangible assets like patents or copyrights, guiding IP strategies. Our Valuation assistance also helps in the determination of fair prices for technology licensing or transfer agreements.

Valuation for Income Tax, Customs, Transfer Pricing and GST

We assist in valuing assets/ business / transactions in compliance with tax regulations and applicable rules.

Valuation for Insolvency

We also provide assistance with asset values during insolvency proceedings, aiding resolution professionals.

Valuation for M&A

We Support merger and acquisition transactions, by carrying out buy side or sell side valuations.

How We Provide Business Valuation Services

How We Provide Business Valuation Services

Holistic Approach

We analyze all your business variables – financial, operational, strategic, and market-oriented – to provide a well-rounded valuation. 


Our team of professionals bring years of industry-specific expertise in delivering accurate valuations.  

Tools & Methods

We use robust valuation methodologies that combine the best of technology and human insight. We adhere to valuation standards issued by the ICAI.  


Your business details and data are safe with us. We prioritize utmost confidentiality in all our services.  

Time Bound Services

We help in timely closure of valuation engagement, enabling you to make appropriate decision or transaction timely. 

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We offer extensive valuation services, assessing business, assets, and transactions’ worth for informed financial decisions and regulatory compliance.