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SEZ & STPI Setup

SEZ & STPI Setup

Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) are pivotal to India’s economic growth strategy. SEZs delineate regions with favorable business conditions, tax incentives, and streamlined regulations, enticing domestic and foreign investments. They act as catalysts for exports, job creation, and industrial development. In contrast, STPIs are dedicated hubs primarily for the IT and software services sector.

They provide crucial infrastructure and support for software development and exports, offering tax benefits and robust connectivity. These initiatives significantly contribute to India’s economic progress, fostering investment, innovation, and global competitiveness. Furthermore, India is introducing the Development of Enterprises and Services Hubs (DESH) Bill, 2022, to modernize SEZ functioning.

Strategic Economic Zones for Economic Growth

SEZs and STPIs are pivotal in India’s economy, providing favorable conditions and tax incentives. The DESH Bill, aims to modernize SEZs, promoting ease of business. We facilitate compliance with SEZ regulations, tax planning, and ensure businesses in SEZs and STPIs maximize benefits. Our support includes navigating the evolving SEZ landscape such as Gift City in Gujrat, impact assessments of DESH, optimizing incentives, and ensuring compliance.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

We’re eager to work with you on your journey to growth and business success.

Our STPI and SEZ Advisory Services

Our STPI and SEZ Advisory Services

Feasibility Analysis

We Evaluate the viability of setting up your business in SEZ or STPI based on your objectives and Goals.

Approval Process

We Assist in obtaining necessary approvals from the concerned authorities.

Taxation and Duty Advisory

We advise on tax benefits and duty exemptions specific to these zones.

Regular Compliance and Reporting

We assist in timely submissions and compliance to keep your business compliant with zone regulations.

Impact Assessment

We also assist in impact assessment of Development of Enterprises and Services Hubs (DESH) Bill, 2022 on your existing SEZ unit.

How We Provide SEZ and STPI Advisory Services

How We Provide SEZ and STPI Advisory Services

Detailed Assistance

We help from assisting in identification of the right zone to assistance in the complex paperwork. 

Specific Solutions

Our services are tailored to match the requirements and facts & problems unique to a particular business enterprise.  

Regulatory Knowledge

We stay abreast of the continuously evolving SEZ and STPI regulations.  

Advantage Based Approach

We explain you the benefits of tax concessions, duty-free imports, and other incentives offered in these zones enabling quick decision making.  

Timely Updates

SEZ and STPI regulations evolve. We ensure you're promptly informed of changes, helping you to stay compliant. 

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We offer end-to-end support, including compliance, litigation, and representation, to help businesses benefit from SEZ and STPI regulations.