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Fixed Assets Verification

Fixed Assets Verification

Fixed asset verification services are crucial for businesses to maintain accurate records of their tangible assets, such as machinery, equipment, buildings, and land. These services involve a systematic physical audit and reconciliation of assets with the existing records. The aim is to identify discrepancies, such as missing or surplus assets, inaccuracies in asset descriptions, and valuation errors.

This process ensures compliance with accounting standards, facilitates proper financial reporting, and supports efficient asset management. Additionally, fixed asset verification helps prevent theft, misappropriation, and depreciation errors, enhancing overall financial transparency, reducing operational risks, and aiding in informed decision-making for businesses across various industries.

Need for Fixed Asset Verification

Fixed asset verification is essential to maintain accurate financial records and manage assets effectively. We conduct systematic audits, ensuring assets align with accounting standards, and identifying discrepancies. We verify asset descriptions, valuations, and quantities, safeguarding against errors, misappropriation, and depreciation inaccuracies. Accurate fixed asset records are crucial for financial reporting, tax compliance, and informed decision-making. With fixed asset verification, businesses can enhance transparency, reduce operational risks, and ensure that their asset management practices align with regulatory requirements, ultimately improving overall financial health and accountability.


Fixed Assets Verification Service | JPC & Co.

How We Conduct Fixed Assets Verification

How We Conduct Fixed Assets Verification


Our team boasts years of experience in various industries, ensuring a holistic understanding of asset lifecycles and their implications.


We utilize the latest tools and software for asset tracking, tagging, and verification, ensuring accuracy.


From physical verification to document cross-checking, we ensure thorough review.


Our reports provide insights into discrepancies, depreciations, and asset conditions, facilitating effective asset management.

Time Bound Services

We help in timely closure of Fixed asset verification engagement, enabling you to make appropriate decision timely.

Our Fixed Assets Verification Services

Our Fixed Assets Verification Services

Physical Verification

On-site physical count to confirm the existence and condition of assets.



Matching physical assets to ledger entries to identify discrepancies.

Asset Tagging

Implementing barcodes or RFID tags or simple tags for better asset tracking.

Depreciation Analysis

Assessing and advising on the appropriate depreciation rates based on asset usage and industry norms.

Documentation Review

Ensuring that purchase orders, invoices, and disposal records align with FA ledger entries.

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Fixed asset verification is vital for M&A, due diligence, compliance, auditing, and restructuring. Our services include asset verification, valuation, and automation.