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Royalty Verification

Royalty Verification

Royalty verification services are crucial in ensuring compliance and accuracy in intellectual property agreements. These services involve a thorough examination of contracts, licenses, and agreements to confirm that royalty payments are correctly calculated and paid in accordance with contractual terms. Such agreements often relate to copyrights, trademarks, patents, and other intellectual property rights. Royalty verification also assesses any potential underpayments or discrepancies, providing valuable insights for licensors and licensees. This process is especially critical in today’s digital age, where content and intellectual property are extensively licensed, making it essential to safeguard the interests of creators and businesses while upholding contractual obligations.


Need for Royalty Verification

Royalty verification is essential to ensure fairness and accuracy in intellectual property agreements. We meticulously examine contracts and financial records to confirm that royalty payments adhere to the agreed terms. We calculate royalties, assess potential discrepancies, and verify compliance, safeguarding the interests of both licensors and licensees. With the increasing complexity of intellectual property arrangements, including digital content, there is a crucial need for maintaining transparency, preventing disputes, and upholding the integrity of these agreements in a rapidly evolving business landscape.


Royalty Verification | JPC & Co.

How We Deliver Royalty Verification Services

How We Deliver Royalty Verification Services


Our team has honed its skills over countless royalty audits, creating the expertise needed for accurate verification.

Transparent Process

We believe in keeping our clients informed at every step, ensuring clarity and mutual understanding throughout the verification process.

ADedicated Technology

By leveraging advanced tools and software, we enhance our verification accuracy and efficiency.


We maintained the confidentiality of your agreements and financial data.

Time Bound Services

We help in timely closure of Royalty verification engagement, enabling you to make appropriate decision timely.

Our Royalty Verification Services

Our Royalty Verification Services

Detailed Audits

Thorough examination of royalty reports, statements, and underlying accounting records we ascertain accuracy of royalty.


Contract Review

We assist in ensuring that the terms and conditions of licensing agreements are being adhered to correctly.

Discrepancy Identification

We assist in spotting and highlighting any underpayments or miscalculations in royalty distributions.

Guidance on Corrections:

Should discrepancies arise, we assist in the process of rectification.

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We offer royalty verification services for Intangible assets, technology, brand, and copyrights in India, ensuring compliance and accuracy per agreed terms.